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Does your Reseller Add Value?

Experience makes the difference, find out how.

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Architect. Validate. Integrate. Deploy.

Examine your environment, employ years of experience and make it work together for you.

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Unparalleled Enterprise Product and Platform Knowledge.

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Putting the V back in VAR and VALUE

Leading Technology Enhanced by Our Integration and Expertise

CorDimension was formed to offer both the customer and manufacturer value above that which is currently available in the marketplace. Whether customized storage and backup or server virtualization and consolidation solutions for the Enterprise, our specific emphasis on Fortune 1000 companies allows us to utilize enormous expertise in cross-platform integration. As a result we deliver solutions that are perfectly tailored to meet the unique needs of your environment.

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Conquering the Unique Challenges of the Large-scale Enterprise

A technology manufacturer is skilled at architecting and implementing solutions of their own products, but CorDimension works jointly with these vendor teams to capitalize on their skills and extend their capabilities with our technology leadership. This integration of vendors brings together an alliance that falls outside any single vendor's realm of expertise. While we may partner with best-in-class technology vendors and represent their products, our focus is on deploying the optimal combination of products and services to best solve your business challenges while also meeting your technical requirements.

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