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About us

Who we are.

CorDimension is an Atlanta, GA based IT Solution Provider specializing in the procurement of IT solutions which include Software, Hardware, Professional Services, as well as Staff Augmentation. We are IT and productivity focused. We have in-depth IT talent as well as a lot of experience with providing a great service for a quality cost.


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Our goals

  • 01.

    Adding value is number 1.

    There are many ways to add value, but in order for us to succeed and be an asset on your vendor list we need to be able to consult, assist, troubleshoot and make recommendations. Our goal is to make your life easier, not more difficult.

  • 02.

    Being a partner who takes your wallet into consideration.

    We manage our business the same way that we would yours and part of our business process is to be sure we manage our business in a way in which we can always be competitive on pricing.  We believe if we can create value at a good price point, there will be a long term partnership.  With that said, we do try to "hit a homerun" on every deal with regard to service provision.

  • 03.

    Customer service excellence.

    We are not a "One trick pony".  When we sell you anything, we will be responsive.  You will be able to contact us anytime with issues, questions,and concerns.  We are a partner that will not leave you hanging after we sell you a solution. We will always be there for you.

Our approach

Defining a process that is simple and communicative.

Our approach is a "two way" street with one on one communication so you will have dedicated resources to work with making your life easy. Our goal is to get the project scope, be sure it is 100% done to your satisfaction and keep you updated all the way through the process. If you have questions, you can request an update 24/7 and we will be there to assist you.